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Extremely wide selection of silver and gold bracelets in traditional African knot and legend style. Copied from the old elephant hair bracelets or natural plant knots and styles.


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Many people mention the made up stories of the significance of two knots, three knots and four knots in these bracelet designs. And they are all fun and even have some modicum of truth to them. But the real story is these were old love bracelets. Look at pictures of the old chiefs and kings. They wore an elephant knot bracelet for each wife. If ever the bracelet was lost or cut, that love relationship was over! So they kept most of them on most of the time.

Now a love knot bracelet makes a perfect Valetine's or birthday gift for your loved ones. See new 3 tones as well.

Introducing the 3 knot bracelet line -See 3 Knot Bracelets.

In all your favorite metals or artificial elephant hair.

PLUS now 4 Knot bracelets in legend of Africa traditional elephant hair knot style.

New for Fall.. some fun Africa silver pendants. See below and Africa's pages.



not elephant hair
Giraffe Hair & Silver Bracelets

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copper knot bracelets for men

for men or women or kids

New for Fall - All super shiny.. which these photos do not justify.

my heart is in africa I like Africa africa with a cross

Do you love the wildlife of Africa? Do you dream of a first, or another Safari to Africa? Or do you have a friend or loved one that has some strong emotional connection to Africa? We have a large selection of Africa shaped pendants. Show your African or wildlife love with one of these uniquely different handmade pendants.

Our jewelry is designed and made in Africa by Africans who eat, breath and live the natural beauty of Africa. Their unique view leads to these interesting designs. Sure you can see lions and elephants in the zoo. But it is not the same. The atmosphere is very different, as are the feelings, the history, the culture. On top of that, the art styles of artists living and working in Africa more uniquely capture that unique feeling of the true Africa.

Similarly for those of you of African American heritage. How better to enjoy a small connection to the mother continent from which your African ancestors came? Share these unique items with your family. They will treasure their African collections forever. Many people buy our bracelets to replace one they bought years ago in Nairobi, Kenya, or Uganda or Malawi or Namibia or Tanzania or other parts of Sub Sahara Africa.

P.S. This site also shows in some small measure that Africans can produce world class finished fine jewellery / jewelry with their own new and different designs, using both modern and traditional materials.

From our California location, we ship each week to the USA, Canada, UK, France, German, Netherlands and rest of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Latin America. Same shipping charges worldwide.

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Helping create jobs in Sub Sahara Africa

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